Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Whole-Chain Produce Traceability Advantage

Ever tried to get directions from someone and they ask where are you, only to reply "I'm lost"!  If so then you can relate to most people today who are trying to figure out how to get compliant with the new PTI standards in time for 2012.  Most growers, shippers and retailers are looking at various products, applications or solutions and trying to marry up or integrate multiple systems to pull this off.  The problem is that with each new "bolt on" product there comes increased license cost as well as increased implementation and training cost, inevitably extending the go live date for your PTI solution.

At Harvester Gear we take a different approach!  We call it Whole-Chain Traceability and it is changing the way growers, shippers and retailers look at PTI.  What is Whole-Chain Traceability?  Similarly to getting directions when you are lost, you can't fulfill PTI when you don't have all the necessary data in one readily available place.  If you have to trace back through multiple system in a "bread crumb" approach, then all of the resources you spent on PTI is nothing more than a glorified file cabinet.  At Harvester Gear we start in the field and trace the produce all the way to the consumer.  By understanding and incorporating all the food safety, Global GAP and produce traceability requirements into one solutions the data is centralized and therefore becomes a real-time solution that takes seconds to trace rather than hours, days or months.

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