Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Capturing Production Inputs for Traceability

In GS1's Traceability for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Implementation Guide (Issue 2, May-2010), something I read immediately jumped out of the page to me.  This passage, on page 11, irrefutably puts HarvesterGear at the forefront of traceability solution providers.
"To enable traceability, growers must maintain records of essential information related to the production of the product (e.g. crop protection materials including date of application, seed information, fertilizers, packaging material, harvesting crew, and water source).  This information in critical to your company's body of internal traceability information."

HarvesterGear's whole-chain solution suite already has all these bullet points checked off for the grower, marketer, association, etc.  Our mobile application tracks pesticide, fertilizer, and water usage while you are in the field with your smartphone or handheld application; no worrying about forgetting to document this information when you get back to your office. Many of you already know about our harvesting crew tracking software, that tracks each harvester through each field that they pick in at any given time, and also streamlines your payroll and simplifies documentation.  Traceability is quickly becoming a retailer demanded standard, and by 2013, everyone is going to need to be on board.  Visit today to get more information.

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